Alpha Delta Pi Blankets & Home Goods

There are so many great ways to incorporate your Alpha Delta Pi colors and letters into your college life, including azure blue and white Blankets and Home Goods from Greek Gear. Everything from afghans to vividly colored sorority table cloths can be found in this section.

Over the coming months, your dorm room is going to become a respite of sorts -- make it ADPi awesome with items like the lettered sorority pillowcase. This white pillowcase is embroidered with your Greek letters in various blue patterns. There's an image of Alphie the Lion to the side -- she'll join you as you get some much needed zzzs between classes

When you have a night off from studying, put a movie on, grab a big bowl of popcorn and curl up under the Huge Mega Laser Blanket. It's so soft that you'll probably fall asleep before the end of the movie every time. We also sell a sweatshirt blanket that you can drape over the back of your futon or put in your backpack for study sessions outside of your dorm room.

With Alpha Delta Pi Blankets and Home Goods you can skip your next trip to the department store. Live it, love it, ADPi!