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Welcome to the Greek Gear Campus Rep Program.

We’re looking for energetic, pro-active Greeks to help tell our story on campuses nationwide.

Why Greek Gear?

• We make being a campus rep easy (no buy-in, minimal forms to fill out)

• We offer numerous, track able tools to get things rolling

• Some of our top campus reps earn over $1,000 per semester for doing something that comes naturally to them…being passionate Greeks.

Our program offers two distinct paths to success: online / “ecampus” marketing, and offline marketing for an expanded approach.

eCampus Marketing

With this program, we ask that you sign up with our affiliate host, Greekgear Affiliate Program

You can begin to earn a 10% commission on any order placed at almost as soon as you sign up, as you’ll have major firepower behind your marketing...

• is the largest licensed supplier of fraternity & sorority merchandise on the internet

• We can produce custom merchandise for just about any group or organization

• We do our own embroidery, screen printing, engraving, glassware printing and banners. Fast, quality merchandise with no middle man!

• Our average single order is $65.00 with our average group order about $500.00.

Where do I place the link? That’s the beauty of this program. You can post this in an email, IM text, on your personal Web site, Facebook or MySpace page, or any clickable environment. Once your friends click and buy products from Greek Gear, you begin earning money. It’s that simple!

Offline/Expanded Approach

This path expands your reach beyond the Web and allows you to tap into campus foot traffic, mail and the ever-present cell phone.

• To get started, we ask that you send us an email expressing your interest in the campus rep program. Send Inquiries via email to

• We’ll then send you a unique coupon code that can be placed on flyers, direct mail postcards, in cell phone text messages, etc.

• With this program, you’ll not only earn 10% commission on all orders using your unique code, but your friends will enjoy a 10% discount on all purchased items.

• It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

The Greek Gear Campus Rep Program. Contact us today!

Download these tools for on Campus Marketing
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