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Phi Mu Delta Stickers & Decals

Phi Mu Delta Stickers & Decals

Place these Phi Mu Delta stickers and decals on your ceiling so that every morning when you open your eyes your first thing you'll see is your Greek letters and symbols. You'll be motivated to be the best representative of your organization possible.

Each year the Greek Gear catalog gets better and better. This Giant 4-inch American Flag Greek Letter Sticker is one of our newest additions, and as you can imagine it's popular with collegiate fraternity members. What a great way to decorate your personal items with red, white, and blue. If you want a single vinyl color, pick the Greek Letter Window Sticker Decal. We have it in orange and black!

You look in the mirror every day when brushing and washing your face. Put a Color Oval Decal in a corner of the mirror so that you can use that quality time to contemplate your fraternal duties for the day. It includes the founding year of Phi Mu Delta fraternity. Another option is to center it on your favorite folder or notebook for school.

Get maximum value with a minimal budget when you order stickers and decals for Phi Mu Delta members at . They are easy to ship and can be applied just about anywhere you can think of.