Sigma Chi Robes  & Pajamas

Sigma Chi Robes & Pajamas

If the first thing you grab for in the morning is the same t-shirt you wore while partying last night, you should check out our selection of Sigma Chi Bathrobes, Slippers and Towels. A soft, clean robe is such a better choice, don't you think?

Your toes will thank you when you cover them up with a pair of soft Crest Slippers. They're like little black pillows for your feet. There's another set of slippers with a bright blue base and gold top with your letters embossed on the top (check out the matching Giant Beach Towel as well). Even if you have huge feet, we've got you covered with slipper sizes up to 13.5.

After you dis-robe in the morning, cover yourself in a soft fraternity bathrobe from the Greek Gear collection. There's one robe embossed with the bright blue and gold scripty logo, and another displaying the Norman Shield and full name of the organization. You can walk around your chapter house with confidence when wearing this quality home gear.

These Sigma Chi Bathrobes, Slippers and Towels are the best way to wrap yourself in comfort when your plans for the day include vegging out in front of the television and sporadically playing ping pong in the basement with your roommate.