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Sigma Phi Epsilon Paddles

Looking for a keepsake that your Sigma Phi Epsilon friend or brother will keep on display? Order custom designed Paddles and Picture Frames from Greek Gear.
Getting an ideal gift for your new big or little brother is easy -- just order the dark Sig Ep Deluxe paddle. It's a beautifully engraved piece of dark walnut sized at 22 inches tall that has space for four separate lines of text, including lil and big brother name. Your Greek letters appear vertically stacked above an engraved image of your fraternal crest. You can opt to add a leather strap if you want to hang it on a wall.
Take plenty of pictures with your frat brothers this year and feature them in a nice Greek Gear picture frame, like the Brush Silver Frame. The silver frame is encased between two dark rosewood colored panels. You decide what will appear both above and under the photo. The personalizable Black Wood Picture Frame is a nice way to mount your high school or college degree.
Give a gift that your recipient will be truly proud to put on display (not put in a drawer) -- give Sigma Phi Epsilon Paddles and Picture Frames custom-made with your recipient's fraternity information.