Super Sales!

Super Sales!

Whether you need it for an incoming class of recruits, your own Big Sister, or a much-loved mentor, you need a gift, you need it fast-and you need it cheap. You'll find it in our Greek Gear sale and Deal of the Week section, where we curate our closeouts and empty our proverbial closets. Our loss is your gain. Find the gifts, supplies or apparel you crave among the plenty of Greek items for sale we're currently featuring. Just act fast, because our deals change quickly.

Are you on the hunt for a cheap Greek apparel sale? Look no further. Our range of merchandise currently on sale includes sorority and fraternity t-shirts, the ever-popular $40 Lettered Greek Hoodie, with preselected 4" Greek letters in your sorority or fraternity's colors. Pre-purchasing the letters saves you money, and saves us time. It's our way of thanking the huge groups who buy from us in bulk and keep our prices at the rock bottom.

Another keep-warm favorite is our World Famous Crest Creek Hoodie. The regular version of this perennial crowd-pleaser is $45.95, but you can pick up yours in white at a discounted price of $20. Treat your new recruits to the Greek Crest Tee, featuring, you guessed it, your group's crest. At $6, it's a cheap gift that will still leave the newbies praising their older brothers' generosity.

As for Greek gifts and gear, view our full collection of discounted gifts. From our colorful Cheap Fraternity Pens and emblazoned Greek Mixing Glass, to our hilarious "Does this make me look frat?" Coozie, our gifts are low on price and high on novelty.

Sorority sisters on a tight budget will especially appreciate our sparkly Sorority Rhinestone Bracelets, a $14.95 gift bedazzled with 10mm rhinestone letters, our sorority t-shirts, and our Sorority Bath Crystal Jars, a spa-inspired set of bath beads decorated with your sorority's logo. Ideal for a ladies' night in, the Crystal Jars are as inexpensive as $7.90 each, depending on how many girls you're buying for. The gifts and the deals don't stop there. Browse our collection of inexpensive gifts and gags to discover your next favorite Greek item.