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Sigma Tau Gamma Apparel & Merchandise




Sigma Tau Gamma Apparel & Merchandise

When you represent your fraternity, you want to do it in style. With these great Sigma Tau Gamma products, that's easier than ever to do. Our selection of Sigma Tau Gamma apparel, merchandise and gifts offer unique and stylish ways to show off your Greek pride. You'll love wearing our comfortable Sigma Tau Gamma shirts around campus, or decorating your apartment in cool memorabilia. Plus, you can even customize many of the items we sell, including hoodies, tees and hats. For individuals and chapters, that means more control over the final look you're wearing around campus. And for thoughtful loved ones, it makes gift-giving a piece of cake.

Greek Gear has everything you need to showcase your fraternity in a unique way. From clothing to keepsake boxes to flags and more, there's something for every member in this collection. And with our bulk discounts on large orders, you can order multiples of your favorite items to save money. Visit the Sigma Tau Gamma National website!


  1. What year was Sigma Tau Gamma founded?
    Sigma Tau Gamma was founded in 1920 at University of Central Missouri.
  2. What are Sigma Tau Gamma's colors?
    The fraternity's official colors are Azure Blue and white.
  3. What is Sigma Tau Gamma's symbol?
    Sigma Tau Gamma's symbol is the Chain of Honor.
  4. What is Sigma Tau Gamma's motto?
    Sigma Tau Gamma's motto is A Path of Principles.