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Sorority Footwear

Sorority Footwear

Don't let that pretty pedicure go to waste. Slip your toes into a pair of these colorful Sorority Flip Flops and show them off. We also have a selection of Boots and Slippers. They're popular items that Greeks order every year. When you see the full listing you might want to get a pair in each style!

Every college student has at least one pair of flip flops, whether it's for shielding your feet in the showers, going to the beach or just making your way from one end of the chapter house to the other. There are a few different styles, including a pair that displays your Greek letters on the strap, and another that includes your mascot or symbol.

You are going to fall in love with the pretty Sorority Rain Boots we have for sale in this section of our site. They're colorful 3/4 length boots that reach about mid-calf and are covered with your Greek letters. And of course, you can't forget the slippers -- your delicate feet deserve the comfort and warmth of a pair of our Greek Fraternity and Sorority Slippers. Each org's letters and symbols are imprinted on the top in bold, group appropriate colors.

We're happy to offer our Greek customers this amazing selection of fun Flip Flops, Boots and Slippers. Where else will you find shoes designed just for your sorority or fraternity? Order enough pairs to keep your feet covered whether you're spending the day inside the chapter house or going out to party!