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Greek Graduation Sashes, Stoles & Kente Stoles

Greek Graduation Sashes, Stoles & Kente Stoles

Find that perfect fraternity or sorority graduation stole in our collection of handsomely made sorority stoles, fraternity graduation stoles and accessories at Greek Life. Choose our elegant Extra Fancy Greek Graduation Stole with Shield made of bridal satin. Our two-tone sorority and fraternity stoles have Greek letters on one side and a full-color crest on the other side.

Custom and DIY Greek Graduation Stoles

With our inexpensive blank graduation sash stoles in traditional 72-inch lengths, your inner artist can create your own embellishments on this popular DIY Greek graduation ceremony stole. Or, we'll do the detail work on a custom graduation stole. We'll add your choice of text on one side and graduation year on another. You choose the stole color, trim color and imprint color.

See our low prices on beautifully made Greek graduation honor cords to add to your order for personalized graduation stole sashes.

Greek Stole Traditions

If you're a member of the Divine Nine, we have colorful Kente-look graduation stoles crafted with premium satin in gorgeous color choices and designs. Our Greek stoles celebrate more than a century of Greek graduation stole customs.

These academic vestments were originally worn by royalty, and the quality of our graduation stoles are certainly fit for kings or queens - at our famously affordable prices. Today's Greek stoles are worn around the neck for display over the front of the graduation gown. Graduation cords are worn over the top of the stoles.

Armed Forces Stoles

At your military school graduation, our graduation sash armed forces stoles will display your branch of service and status (as active duty or veteran) for all to see and celebrate. We have Air Force stoles, Navy graduation sash stoles, graduation stoles for new or former Marines, and Army stoles to wear over graduation gowns.