Greek Graduation Sashes, Stoles & Kente Stoles

Greek Graduation Sashes, Stoles & Kente Stoles

Nobody sells more Greek graduation stoles and Kente stoles than Greek Gear. We carry a huge selection of sizes and color combinations to suit any fraternity or sorority. Celebrate your academic and social achievements as you cross the stage and accept your diploma by wearing one of our eye-catching graduation accessories. Choose a custom graduation sash with your fraternity or sorority's letters on the front or opt for a colorful Kente stole in your choice of color combinations and personalization.

Graduation Stoles

A graduation stole is an academic vestment similar to a sash that is worn around the neck of the graduate to identify them as a member of a particular group, fraternity or sorority. Graduation stoles vary in color and Greek graduation stoles are often made in the official colors of the groups they represent. Celebrate the seniors in your fraternity or sorority with graduation stoles from Greek Gear. Choose from two-tone lettered stoles, value-priced stoles and a variety of other designs. All of our fraternity and sorority stoles include space for your group's Greek letters.

Kente Stoles

A Kente stole is a type of woven graduation stole that typically includes a fraternity's Greek letters woven directly into the design. The Kente cloth was originally worn as a sign of prestige and was worn by royalty. The design has more recently been adopted by sororities and fraternities as an academic vestment.

Shop for all types of graduation stoles and Kente stole sat Greek Gear. Enjoy the best selection of premium stoles in a variety of colors and designs to represent your fraternity or sorority.


  1. What is a graduation stole?
    A graduation stole is a type of academic vestment that is similar in shape to a scarf and is worn around the neck. The stole is used to denote academic achievement or membership in an organization such as a fraternity or sorority.
  2. How to wear a graduation stole?
    The graduation stole is worn around the back of the neck with the ends draped over the front of the wearer. The stole should be worn over the graduation gown.
  3. How to wear graduation cords and stoles?
    When wearing graduation cords and stoles together, the stole should be put on over the graduation gown, with graduation cords worn over the top of the graduation stole.
  4. How do you get a graduation stole?
    A graduation stole may be given to a graduate by any type of academic organization, fraternity or sorority.

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