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Greek Bathrobes

Greek Bathrobes

Whether you live in a dorm, a frat house or your own apartment, you need something comfy to wear when you sit around or go to sleep. Greek Gear has got you covered, literally, with bathrobes and pajama bottoms in a choice of colors to support your fraternity or sorority.

We know you probably have plenty of Greek-themed T-shirts or hoodies, but don't let that stop you from taking your brotherly or sisterly love to the next level of your wardrobe. Our robes and jammies make a cozy addition to your loungewear.

Cover Up With Colors

Bathrobes come in handy in college, especially if you share a hall bathroom with your brothers or sisters. Our quality, plush robes warm you after a shower and give you something to wear while you get ready for a mixer or party.

Select the style that speaks to you, then pick out your Greek organization from our dropdown menu. You can even choose your color fabric and decoration to wear your colors and show your brotherly or sisterly pride.

Speaking of sisters, a towel wrap from Greek Gear is another post-shower, pre-dressed option for you. Treat yourself or your Big and Little to matching towel wraps that feature your sorority's name near the bottom hem. With a big pocket to hold your phone and an elastic top to keep it in place, this towel wrap stays in place so you can finish your hair and makeup before you get dressed.

Sleep in Style

The cozy doesn't stop with our cotton flannel pajama pants. Our plaids feature your organization's colors, and the left leg displays your Greek letters in the color of your choice. Our jammies are size-inclusive to give you the perfect fit.

Pick up loungewear for yourself or find the perfect gift for your Big or Little from our selection at Greek Gear.