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Fraternity Buttons And Pins

Fraternity Buttons And Pins

If you're looking for a small and inexpensive yet meaningful gift for a Greek, browse this page of Fraternity Buttons and Pins. We have a variety of options, including fun buttons for rush events and pins for ceremonies.

If you're in charge of recruitment this year or you're the social chair, fill up your cart with buttons designed just for members of your fraternity. You can never have enough colorful buttons to give out as party favors or gifts. We have I Love My Fraternity buttons, buttons predesigned with your letters and images, and Custom Printed Buttons that you can design yourself.

When it's time to initiate new members into your frat, make sure your chapter has an ample supply of Lapel Pins to give as gifts. They are attractive circular bronze emblem pins embossed with the organization's crest. Just pick your fraternity from the list or contact the Greek Gear team if you need a custom pin. Check this section regularly for more professional Greek pin styles, as we update our catalog of offerings often.

Fraternity Buttons and Pins are small yet important gifts that Greeks will hold onto for many years -- even after graduation day. Order them in quantity for the best deal!