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Phi Kappa Theta Apparel & Merchandise




Phi Kappa Theta Apparel & Merchandise

Get your Phi Kappa Theta para right here! has a dedicated section of Phi Kappa Theta merchandise including fraternity paddles, gifts, Phi Kappa Theta banners, Phi Kappa Theta clothing, and other unique personalized items for Phi Kaps. Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity was founded on April 29, 1959 at Ohio State University as a result of a merger between Phi Kappa and Theta Kappa Phi. Phi Kappa Thetas four founding ideals are: Fraternal: Duty to man, Intellectual: Duty to self and parents, Social: Duty to society, Spiritual: Duty towards God The fraternitys official colors are White, Gold, and Cardinal-Purple. There are over 50,000 alumni members, 1,500 active undergraduate members, and 50 active chapters of Phi Kappa Theta across the United States. Famous members of Phi Kappa Theta include late President John F. Kennedy and late actors Gene Kelly and Bob Hope. Phi Kappa Theta interests should do as much research as possible about the organization. Membership is open to students at accredited colleges and universities. If you are already a member of this exceptional fraternity, browse for new Phi Kappa Theta para. How about a fraternity cufflinks for the house or some Phi Kappa Theta cufflinks for your chapters next formal event? Please browse our complete selection of official Phi Kappa Theta Greek Merchandise below. Visit the Phi Kappa Theta National Website - Click here! (


  1. What year was Phi Kappa Theta founded?
    Phi Kappa was founded on 1889 at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Theta Kappa Phi was founded on 1919 at Lehigh University. The two merged into Phi Kappa Theta on 1959 at Ohio State University.
  2. What are Phi Kappa Theta's colors?
    The fraternity's official colors are Cardinal Purple, gold, and white.
  3. What is Phi Kappa Theta's flower?
    Phi Kappa Theta's flower is the red tea rose.
  4. What is Phi Kappa Theta's motto?
    Phi Kappa Theta's motto is Give, expecting nothing thereof.