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Save Up To 50% Off!

Save Up To 50% Off!

Every brother and sister appreciates a bargain. At Greek Gear, we make it easy for you to find clothing and gifts at up to 50% off our original prices.

The best part is we constantly add new items to our discount page as we get new fraternity and sorority merch in stock. See, it pays to shop often with us because you never know when the stuff you have your eye on goes on sale.

Greek Clothing at a Good Price

How can you resist a new T-shirt or hat featuring your letters, colors, or crest? Greek Gear sells top-quality short-and long-sleeve shirts, so you always have something to wear. Choose your organization, color and style to wear around campus or just lounging in your dorm room.

When the temperatures drop, opt instead for a hoodie or sweatshirt. We even have anoraks to throw on when it is windy or chilly. Don't forget to grab a few hats to wear on those cowlick or ponytail bad hair days.

Save Money on Greek Gifts


When you need to get a gift for your Big or Little, stop by the sale page at Greek Gear. You can always find something your brothers or sisters will appreciate without busting your budget.

We have everything from stickers, decals and pencils to picture frames, tote bags, cups and paddles. Once you pick out what you like, select your organization from the dropdown menu.

You may have other options to personalize your gifts, and if you don't see what you are looking for, reach out to one of our customer service representatives to help you find the perfect Greek gift.

At Greek Gear, we want to help you support your sorority and fraternity without making a dent in your college funds or loans. We always look for ways to save our customers money on fantastic fraternity and sorority gear at a price you can afford.