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Phi Delta Theta Apparel & Merchandise




Greek Gear is your Phi Delta Theta store for Phi Delt clothing and merch, frat house décor and dorm room essentials. Show your Phi Delt spirit with Phi Delta Theta fraternity letters on Greek-lettered flags, plaques and gifts for the brothers.

Founded in 1848, Phila Delta Theta is a fraternity with a long history to celebrate, which is why we stock dozens of items in classic azure and argent fraternity colors. Add a Phi Delta Theta signature white carnation to a special Phi Delt gift for a loved one or honored alumnus.

Greek Letter Casual Clothing

Keep it casual with our line of Greek-lettered Phi Delt sweatshirts, tees, jackets and sweatpants. Customize your Ph Delta Theta apparel choice with extra text or unique color combinations.

Relax in Phi style with a handsome Phi Delta Kappa fraternity crest bathrobe. Add a pair of plaid flannel Phi Delt pajama pants.

We have you covered for graduation with formal Phi Delta Kappa graduation stoles and cords. Order enough for the house and save with our bulk-order discounts.

House Décor and Gifts

If you're in search of a good-looking practical gift for a brother, graduate or alumnus, our Phi Delta Theta briefcase attaché is a thoughtful choice. This solid-color Phi Delt crest soft-sides briefcase has a front zippered pocket, hidden front pocket, dedicated laptop compartment, inside zippered pockets, padded shoulder strap and nylon zipper pulls.

Shop our assortment of Phi Delt fraternity letter umbrellas, glassware, keepsake boxes and Greek-lettered car license plate frames. Order from our collection of Phi Delta Kappa cufflinks and personalized keychains. Make a memorable impression with a gift of our Phi Delt Ogio Vision 2.0 Golf Bag. You can even decorate your frat house with our classic Phi Delta Kappa flags and banners.

Phi Delta Theta FAQs:

  • What year was Phi Delta Theta founded? Phi Delta Theta was founded on December 26, 1848 at the campus of Miami University in Oxford, OH.
  • What are Phi Delta Theta's colors? The official colors of Phi Delta Theta are azure and argent.
  • What is Phi Delta Theta's symbol? The fraternity does not have an official symbol, but uses the white carnation as its flower. Likewise, groups of three white stars appear on both the crest and flag.
  • What are the most popular Phi Delta Thetas? With such a long history, it's no wonder that some of Phi Delta Theta's members have gone on to greatness. Some notable members include NASA astronaut Jon McBride, KFC co-founder John Y. Brown Jr., former Nabisco CEO F. Ross Johnson and actor Burt Reynolds.