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Sorority Buttons & Pins

Sorority Buttons & Pins

Need a simple, unifying piece of para for you and each of your chapter members to wear at your next sorority affair? Get a box of Sorority Buttons from !

Pin Back Buttons are so fun and easy to wear -- plus they go with any outfit. When you and your sisters are organizing and attending recruitment events, make sure you have a large box of I Love Mini or 110% Sorority Buttons available for participants to wear. You can give them out as prizes or require them to be worn for admission for your exclusive parties. If you prefer a Greek lettered button that will go perfectly with a pretty white dress, get the Sorority Buttons 3 Pack, which comes with colorful patterned choices in 3 sizes (petite, medium and large).

There will be occasions when you have to wear something a bit more professional to a ceremony, meeting or presentation. That's when you'll reach for your Sorority Lapel Pin to complete your outfit. It's a small brass medallion engraved with your organization's official crest logo. Just pick your group from the convenient drop down list.

We have plenty of Sorority Buttons for you to choose from in this section of our site. Take advantage of the discounts we offer on large orders (see each product for pricing on bulk button orders).