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Custom Stores

Who We Are

We are experts in the fraternity and sorority market.

Does that sound like a bold statement? Absolutely, but we’ve been pumping out quality Greek merchandise since 1999 so we have a bit of experience to back that up. We talk to students everyday online, checking in with what’s hot and what’s not and keeping our finger on the pulse of the Greek market.

Our Story

Greek Gear was cooked up in 1999: One part Italian passion, one part lifelong entrepreneur, one part Jersey-boy brashness, one part “go with your gut” attitude. We had a vision for this company back in the early 90’s while attending William Paterson College and hanging out with his Phi Kappa Tau brothers.

The internet made it a reality. While numerous internet companies went belly up during the infamous “dot com implosion” in the early 2000s, Greek Gear exploded and grew to become what it is today: THE RESOURCE for all of your fraternity/sorority needs.

The t-shirt pictured is my Rush shirt from 1988 and it is actually still worn to this day (it still fits!). It may be nearly 30 years old, but once a fraternity man - always a fraternity man.

Real People

We hardly outsource. We rarely drop ship. We don’t believe in “we’ll get back to you in 48 hours.” We do have real people answer the phones, real people make your products, real people pack and ship your merchandise, and real people make sure your Greek Gear experience is amazing. Real people help us deliver great quality.

Real people help us turn things around in 24 hours if need be. While technology is great, it can’t replace the personal touch of real people. Don’t believe us? Meet our staff!