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Little Brother Gifts

A fraternity little brother has affectionately been called "the brother within the brotherhood." You love all your frat brothers, but your little is just a little bit extra special. You did all you could do to help your little bro learn the ropes, and what better way to welcome him to your chapter than by with this selection of little brother gifts. Your little needs to know that an essential part of fraternity life is wearing your letters from head to toe, so outfit your best brother with the most thoughtful fraternity brother gifts, from hats to T-shirts to hoodies and more. Greek Gear allows you to design your own gifts for a fraternity brother, with options to personalize tons of items with your names and letters. A personalized set of big little gifts is exactly what you need to show your favorite frat brother that you're there for him. Gift your little frat brother Greek Gear's fraternity beverage collection that comes complete with drinking essentials - a can coozie, a bottle opener and a stadium cup - marked with your frat's letters. Other gift pack items include goodies like a license plate frame and stickers. Get your frat big little a matching baseball cap and T-shirt combination, with your Greek letters in vintage-style font on both the hat and shirt. Choose from a variety of different colors to match his favorite team. Hoodies, polos, sweatshirts and more are ready to be marked with your letters and gifted to your little bro. Greek Gear's also got custom items with your little brother's room or office in mind, like wood paddles, poker chip sets, blankets and more. If you're little is the athletic type, personalize a set of custom golf balls for him with your frat's crest and a message of your choice. Whatever your little's style, Greek Gear has the best gifts for him.