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Sweetheart Gifts

Think of everything a fraternity sweetheart does to enhance your Greek life. She puts in as many hours planning and attending events as most of you do, and she is not even officially part of your fraternity. Don't you owe it to your sweetheart to give her a gift that shows how much she means to the brothers? Greek Gear has the latest T-shirts, hoodies and other sweetheart gifts that are sure to make her feel appreciated!

What is a Sweetheart?

Your dad or grandpa may have reminisced fondly about having a Little Sister at their fraternity house back in the day. Times have changed, and along with it, some of the old ways that defined Greek Life evolved as well.

Instead of Littles, fraternities now have sweethearts, female students who may or may not be sorority members. This honored position works as a partner with the fraternity to promote and support events and activities. Sure, a sweetheart goes to the parties and gets to know the brothers, but she also helps organize and plan anything from formals to fundraisers.

Gift Ideas for your Sweetheart

Greek Gear has creative, personal gifts that can tug at the heartstrings of your fraternity's sweetheart, and they are well within your organization's budget to afford. Our sweetheart tees and hoodies make any sweetheart feel like a valued member of your fraternity, and she won't have to resort to borrowing an oversized sweatshirt from one of the brothers.

What about a sweetheart hat she can use to shield her eyes while building floats outside or to hide her bad hair days as she runs to class? No matter what Greek Gear gift you give your sweetheart, she is sure to feel loved and valued.

When you order a sweetheart gift at Greek Gear, be sure to personalize it when you add your fraternity's letter or pick a color you know she will love. Add a sweetheart gift whenever you place an order to remember who has your frat's back.