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Sorority Stationery

Sorority Stationery for the etiquette ready sorority girl. Be sure and send a thank you note or hand written letter to thank those you appreciate. Our sorority sticky pads are a super way to leave notes around so you don't forget those special Greek events. Being a sorority girl in college definitely has its ups and downs… but it’s 100% worth the ride! We know how important it is to chart your college journey in a journal or notebook, which is why we’re proud to offer tons of Sorority Stationery here at . We have everything from Sorority Pens & Pencils to Sorority Notebooks and more!

You’re definitely not alone if you like to write notes to yourself, to your sorority sisters and friends, which is why we carry a wide array of Sorority Notepads, Post Its, Writing Pads and stationery. For instance, the Sorority Adhesive Sticky Note Memo Cube is stacked high with square white papers with your sorority letters and a space to put a couple of lines of personalization. The Sorority Chevron Note Cards w/ Envelopes comes in a set of 10—use them to write special messages to your boyfriend or crush!

You really can’t have enough Sorority Pens & Pencils, because they always seem to come up missing somehow, don’t they? We carry a nice selection of writing utensils, including pens and pencils with your letters and symbols printed on the side. The Sorority Mascot Pencils are shaped like your organization’s animal or most prominent symbol at the top. The Greek Pen & Card case is an elegant matching pen and business card holder set that comes in your sorority’s colors with engraved Greek letters.

If you take a close look you’ll see that we offer plenty of hot deals on Sorority Stationery here at . Let us know if you have any questions about the items we sell!