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Phi Delta Theta Blankets, Pillows & Home Goods

When you first arrive at school to start the semester, all you've got is a bed, a dresser and a desk to work with (if that). Spice things up with Phi Delta Theta Blankets, Pillows and Home Goods designed for members.

You can have your favorite room in the chapter house or your dorm room looking something like a Phi Delt paradise in just one weekend when you order our home goods. Each item features some identifying element of your fraternity, whether it's the official coat of arms, the sword and shield with six stars for your six founders, or your Greek letters.

While you're shopping these home goods, try to picture what they'll look like in your house. See the bold blue and black gradient Welcome Mat will be the first thing guests see when they show up on your door step. The Afghan Blanket Throw will look amazing hanging up in your main room or draped over your couch. The Huge Laser Blanket, which comes in a variety of colors, is the perfect way to add fraternity images to your dorm with something practical.

Every time someone steps into your dorm room they should know it's the home of a proud Phi Delta Theta member. So spruce up your room with Blankets, Pillows and Home Goods from the Greek Gear catalog!