Phi Delta Theta Made Fast Items

Many of our personalized items for Phi Delta Theta members take some time to produce, so you have to order them well in advance for your meetings, parties and events. But did you know that we have Easy to Order - Made Fast Items for members with a faster turnaround?

Have an urgent need for Greek gear, but want something really great? You're in the right place if you're a Phi Delt. This is the section where you'll find items that are most likely to arrive on your doorstep in more than enough time, including crewneck sweatshirts, t-shirts, ties, pens and even stuff for your car.

When a new member or his big brother needs to get a traditional gift in a hurry (and at an affordable price), the Discount Paddle is a common choice. The front is engraved with the fraternity's Greek letters and a full color crest. You can then decorate it with your own stickers, letters and more from a craft shop. Another item that ships fast is the white Crest Tee, which has bright blue lettering emblazoned across the chest. There are a number of other short-sleeved t-shirts in this section that can also be processed relatively quickly.

Tight deadlines are more manageable thanks to these Phi Delta Theta Easy to Order - Made Fast Items. Call or IM the Greek Gear team (during business hours) to confirm estimated shipping and delivery dates.