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Phi Kappa Theta Hats and Visors

Phi Kappa Theta Hats and Visors

Aren't you happy you've found Greek Gear? Not only do you get an extensive catalog of Greek clothing, including shirts, pullovers and jeans, you also have this selection of Phi Kappa Theta Hats and Visors.
The perfect hat will fit both your head and your personal style. It will be a reflection of what is important to you -- namely your fraternity and college affiliation. You can create a hat that displays both by ordering the Flatbill Snapback. Your letters will appear on the top and your college name can be entered on the bottom in your chosen colors.
If you want a curved brim hat that already looks a little broken in, pick up the World Famous Line Hat. The long brim will keep your face amply shielded from the sun on oppressively hot summer days. This hat also offers you personalization options -- add a name to the front or back (a small added fee may apply to your order in the latter case).
Our catalog is already pretty massive, but stay tuned as we add even more products to our catalog, including Phi Kappa Theta Hats and Visors. Sign up for our email list to be notified about product updates!