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Sigma Tau Gamma Sweatshirts

Sigma Tau Gamma Sweatshirts

If you only buy one item from Greek Gear that you can wear while you're at school, get one of these Sigma Tau Gamma Sweatshirts. They're a part of every fraternity man's wardrobe -- especially if you're a student athlete as well.

The Sig Tau Letter Hoodie is a customer favorite for plenty of reasons. For one, your letters are printed on the front in such bold, tall letters that it's unlikely that anyone can miss them. You have a choice of imprint color, so pick one that will contrast the most with your chosen apparel color. For instance, get a blue hoodie with white letters or vice versa.

If you prefer a sweatshirt with your fraternity name in smaller letters that can be seen when you're in friendly or brotherly company, get the College Hoodie or Letterman Hoodie. The full org name is spelled out in capital letters. If you buy the World Famous Crest Crewneck Sweatshirt or Hoodie, your letters appear at the heart of the shirt about an inch or two tall.

When you see the high quality of the Sigma Tau Gamma Sweatshirts that you receive in the mail, you may want to go ahead and buy one or two more. Tell your chapter brothers where they can get the best Sig Tau hoodies and crewnecks on the planet.