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Top Selling Sigma Tau Gamma Items

Top Selling Sigma Tau Gamma Items

If you don't have time to browse every section of the Greek Gear menu, start off by shopping our Top Selling Sigma Tau Gamma Items. The collection includes shirts for play and for a specific purpose, hats and things you can use in or on your car.

Before you go to your next social gathering on campus as a Sig Tau, get yourself some lettered para so that you'll be an official representative of your organization. For hot house parties, order Custom Twill Short Sleeve T-Shirts in various colors and for those days tossing a ball around in the park, get one with long sleeves. If you spend a lot of time on campus shooting the breeze with friends outside, order one of our hooded sweatshirts.

In some ways, college is like being at one big slumber party. That's why it's a good idea to have a few sweatshirt blankets to keep with you, in case you decide to crash on the floor of your buddy's dorm room. The one we sell for Sig Taus is blue with a white emblem.

You'll find more than a few of your favorite things for sale in this category of Top Selling Sigma Tau Gamma Items. Join the Greek Gear email list to keep posted as more merchandise is added.