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Sigma Tau Gamma Umbrellas & Golf Items

It's important to always make time for a little fun while you're at school -- especially when you spend so much time working to earn those As and Bs. These Sigma Tau Gamma Recreational and Golf Items will help get you motivated when it's time to let your hair down, relax and have a good time.

When you finally become a brother of Sig Tau, you have a lot of fun times ahead. Most of the ball games that you're likely to play for recreation are covered here. For instance, there are two sets of golf balls here -- one stamped with the crest, another highlighting the letters in blue. There are also a set of Ping Pong Balls that you can add to the rotation in your game room.

If your house has a pet, make sure that everyone knows where he or she belongs by getting a Pet Collar. One collar is designed so that you can add the pet's name. We have more fun and interesting recreational items that you can use in your dorm room or that you can tote in your gym/workout bag throughout the week.

Every weekend will be even more special when you enjoy them with Sigma Tau Gamma Recreational and Golf Items. Have a fun time shopping at !