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Sigma Tau Gamma Stickers & Decals

Want a cool and affordable idea for a new member gift? Order Sigma Tau Gamma Stickers and Decals and stuff them inside of a fraternity mug along with other small trinkets like pens, pencils, buttons and magnets.

The Crest Decal is one that you want to put in a very prominent place because it contains not only your Greek letters but also the organization's coat of arms. The coat of arms is an important piece of insignia because it is the easiest way for fellow members to recognize you as a member. You can keep both images together or separate them to place in different locations.

When you take the time to think about it, you may discover that there are more than one or two places where you want to put stickers. In that case, order a Sigma Tau Gamma Multi Greek Decal Sticker Sheet and you'll have up to a dozen options. One sticker on the sheet, positioned on the side, is imprinted in an Old English font and will look nice on the inside of a window or the bottom of a mirror.

Create amazing gift packs for new members with our selection of Sigma Tau Gamma Stickers and Decals. See our listing of car merchandise and top selling items for Sig Taus as well for more novelty gift ideas.