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Sigma Tau Gamma Mugs, Cups & Glasses

Waking each morning and making a cup of coffee becomes more and more mundane each day. One way to get more motivated about your morning cup of java is to serve it up in one of these Sigma Tau Gamma Mugs, Cups or Glasses.

Coffee can be enjoyed as an espresso in a ceramic cup, or as an iced latte in a plastic cup, but the best way is in a large warm mug, like the Greek Bistro Mug. Can't you just picture yourself sitting down on your front porch enjoying a hot cup of coffee in this mug while going over last minute notes for class? When you order it, remember to type in the text that you want to be imprinted below your letters (see "Since 1920").

If you prefer a cup that you can take with you for your walk to campus, get the Sigma Tau Gamma Travel Mug. It's designed with a stainless steel casing as well as a black plastic cap and handle. Also for a limited time or while supplies last we'll have Anniversary Commemorative Mugs available in this section.

You will be happy that you ordered one of our attractive Sigma Tau Gamma Mugs Cups and Glasses. We have the greatest para selection online -- period.