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Sigma Tau Gamma Hats and Visors

Sigma Tau Gamma Hats and Visors

Some guys prefer hats to cover the whole head while others want visors so that they can feel the wind in their hair. Whichever you prefer, choose a hat that features your Sigma Tau Gamma letters and images.

Everyone has their own unique way that they like to wear their hats -- to the side, to the back, high and loose or low down on the forehead. You have all of those options when you purchase a Flatbill Snapback for Sig Taus. It's that attractive cap that makes any outfit you wear look clean, fresh and new. The brim is short and flat, so it's the perfect fit if you like to wear your hat a bit tilted to the side.

If you're the type of guy who wears your hat so low that no one can see your eyebrows, get a Letter Hat with a low curved brim. You don't have to work too much time breaking this cotton embroidered hat in. This one only shows your letters, but there's another style that allows you to type in a short line of personalized text.

With each day it gets better and better at Greek Gear as our selection of paraphernalia grows. Browse our current collection of Sigma Tau Gamma Hats and Visors and bookmark us for updates.