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Sigma Tau Gamma Paddles

The Sigma Tau Gamma Paddles and Picture Frames that we craft will always be at the top of the gift wish list for many of our customers. When you click through the links on this page you'll soon see why.

Have you ever looked at the back of your dorm door and wondered what's missing? Hmm, how about one of our personalized wooden paddles? They come in various sizes and shapes, slim and wide, dark and light. If you have a lot that you want to say on the paddle you order, get a Sigma Tau Gamma Giant Greek Paddle. It's 30 inches tall, over six inches wide and made of maple wood. After we customize it to your preferences, it will be polished to a brilliant shine.

If you're a new little bro with a big bro who wants a new paddle as a gift, see the Design Your Own Deluxe Paddle that's made of dark wood. It's a bit more compact at 22 inches tall (under 2 feet) and 3.5 inches wide). As you can see in the sample photo, you can create a paddle that has both of your names along with important fraternal images.

Sigma Tau Gamma is an organization that is committed to "A Path of Principles." Memorialize all of your principles and ideals in a permanent piece of wood by ordering Paddles and Picture Frames from Greek Gear.