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Sigma Tau Gamma Robes, Towels & Slippers

Before you get settled in at your dorm for the semester, make sure your bedroom or bathroom is stocked with Sigma Tau Gamma Robes, Towels and Slippers. These are hard-to-find products that you can order easily at .

Not every bathrobe is created equal. When you buy a fraternity bathrobe from Greek Gear you can rest assured that you're getting one that will feel soft on your skin and last for multiple semesters. Select the blue or white robe color (black and charcoal are also available). This robe and the black solid slippers have matching Sig Tau fraternity coat of arms patches.

If you want something to wear under your robe, get a few pairs of white Sigma Tau Gamma Boxer Shorts. They're imprinted with Greek letters in the foreground and the coat of arms in the background. Get the full ensemble by ordering a Giant Beach Towel that will be just for you. Everyone will know that it's just for you because your name will be imprinted at the bottom.

Part of being a successful student is being well-rested and living in as much comfort as possible between classes. Order Sigma Tau Gamma Robes, Towels and Slippers today.