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Alpha Chi Omega Bags & Totes

You'll soon see why Greek Gear is the premier online destination for paraphernalia, including Alpha Chi Omega Bags and Totes. Members love the many choice we offer, and the catalog continues to grow.

You should have at least one bag for school, one bag for the gym and another for traveling in your closet. Make the Patch Seal Sorority Backpack your school bag if you're an underclasswoman and just need a basic option for carrying one or two classes worth of items. Go for the Crest Briefcase if you're a serious senior getting ready for the world of work. Use the Emblem Tote Bag for overnight trips and the Voyager Sports Duffel for gym stuff.

Bet you never thought fanny packs would ever come back into style! They were popular when your mom and aunts went to high school and college in the 90s. We sell an I Love A Chi O Sorority Fanny Pack that's sized just right for your keys, ID card and small smartphone. Just snap it closed and wear it on your hip when you're enjoying your morning power walks.

Tote your Alpha Chi Omega letters from one end of your college campus to another with Bags and Totes. They're a practical way to promote your women's fraternity.