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Alpha Chi Omega Sportswear

Alpha Chi Omega Sportswear

Welcome to the wide world of sports -- well the wide world of sorority sports gear that is! This section is populated with sportswear just for the members of Alpha Chi Omega women's fraternity.

Most of the sports gear in this section feature the oh so ravishing color red, like the Game Day Monogram Jersey. It's a large long-sleeved shirt that's perfect for those weekend tailgating parties and football games that you attend with your boyfriend and best buds. The back of the jersey is imprinted with your letters instead of numbers and there's a matching smaller set of letters on the front. If you really want your letters to stand out at the game, buy it in white with red or green letters.

The Alpha Chi Omega Spandex Leggings will quickly become your go-to pair of yoga pants. That's because they fit comfortably and have your letters imprinted at the hip. If you attend yoga classes off campus, cover your tank top in a long-sleeved Force Training Top. It's made with a soft poly-spandex fabric and raglan sleeves.

Go to your workout sessions in Alpha Chi Omega Sportswear so that you can show your sorority pride while you're exercising. Quick idea: invite interests to join you and your sisters at the gym so that you can talk about how to become a member.