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Alpha Chi Omega Blankets & Home Goods

Decorate your bedroom and living quarters at school with Alpha Chi Omega Blankets and Home Goods from Greek Gear. The listing of home goods includes table adornments, welcome mats and even tools for baking cookies.

The next time you take a 40-minute power nap, wrap yourself up in a Sweatshirt Blanket for A Chi O members. It will give you just enough comfort for a cat nap but still allow you to wake up in time to get back to your studying. Just roll it right back up and put it in your bag. If you're buying a blanket for a 6 to 8 hour night of sleep, get the Huge Mega Laser Blanket. You'll notice the faint design of the seal of your women's sorority in the background.

Our sorority home goods really add color and personality to an otherwise plain dorm room. Even if you have plain tan walls and neutral colored sheets, the Afghan Blanket Throw will add that much needed burst of color. The design includes a green and red border, crest and Alpha Chi Omega in Greek letters at the bottom.

Greek Gear always has something new and exciting in store. Check for additions to this section of Alpha Chi Omega Blankets and Home Goods -- we have an email list that you can sign up for to receive promo codes, deals and catalog updates.