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Alpha Chi Omega Stickers

Before the new school year starts, order new para to go with your school supplies including Alpha Chi Omega Stickers and Decals. These are small, inexpensive items that sisters of all ages enjoy receiving, because they have a number of practical uses.

Every serious sorority girl in college needs a portfolio, but as serious as you are your personal portfolio doesn't have to look boring. Put a Monogram Decal on the cover to give it some color, or an American Flag Greek Heart Shaped Decal to show your dedication to both your sorority and country. The Well-Balanced Round Decal is a representation of how composed and poised you are juggling the high demands of school and extracurricular activities.

Place a happy little I Love Sorority Sticker or two on your dorm room door to welcome your friends. If you really want to cover a surface with a variety of sorority stickers, just order the Multi-Greek Decal Sheet and have some fun.

We have plenty of colorful and expressive Alpha Chi Omega Stickers and Decals that you will be delighted to feature on your school supplies and in your living quarters. Keep in mind that stickers are also useful for sorority crafting.