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Alpha Delta Pi Hats & Visors

Alpha Delta Pi Hats & Visors

The Alpha Delta Pi 4-Pointed Diamond symbolizes character and personality. What better way to show off your unique personality and character than with some amazing Greek Gear for you and your sorority sisters. We have a comprehensive selection of Alpha Delta Pi Hats & Visors in shades of azure blue and white for you to choose from.

Being in a sorority is so multi-faceted, isn’t it? Seriously, some days you're expected to dress up in formal wear to represent your sorority, in other cases you’re on your way to an impromptu meeting about an upcoming community service event. Sometimes you just need to put on some paraphernalia to show out on campus right before a party. An Alpha Delta Pi hat is a simple and quick way to wear para casually on and around campus.

Baseball caps are usually worn at sporting events, but you can put one on even if you’re just having a bit of a “bad hair day” and just need to get to your morning class, incognito-style. In addition to Alpha Delta Pi baseball hats and visors, we also sell wool caps for the winter and fall. Check out the spicy Leopard Print Knit Pom Pom Beanies for members. The Box Bucket Alpha Delta Pi hat is cute enough to wear with jeans or even a fun flared skirt.

Paraphernalia like these Alpha Delta Pi hats and caps are a great investment because they are affordable and they last for many years. Pick up a few today at a great price so that you’ll have plenty to wear for your first week back on campus.