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Alpha Delta Pi Sweatshirts

Alpha Delta Pi Sweatshirts

The great thing about a good, quality sweatshirt is its longevity. Whether it's a sweatshirt featuring your college name, or a comfy hoodie boldly embossed with your sorority letters. The right sweatshirt will stand the test of time and become a staple of your wardrobe. Even when it gets a little worn down, you'll still find yourself pulling out your trusty Alpha Delta Pi sweatshirt to stay warm on a cool autumn evening on the porch.

Maybe you’ll be able to pass your old sorority sweatshirt to your future daughter if she ever decides to become a member. That’s the type of gift that she won’t ever forget -- a bonding gift and a way to share memories with her of your time as a collegiate Greek in Alpha Delta Pi sorority. A classic Lettered Hooded sweatshirt or Custom Twill Sweatshirt would make a great choice.

We’ve added a colorful array or new sweatshirt styles to the Greek Gear catalog, including shirt with hearts, smiley faces, and rainbows. For some classic, traditional-style lettered sweatshirts, you can add patterns inside each Greek letter. For a fun shirt to wear while you’re studying or taking a jog around campus, check out our cropped crew fleece sweatshirts and hoodies.

So many options to choose from! Think about the sweatshirt you’ll pull out of your bottom drawer one day and look at, reminiscing about the good old days you had in college chilling with your sorority sisters. Order a couple of Alpha Delta Pi sweatshirts today and Greek Gear will have it shipped to your dorm room in no time flat.