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Alpha Delta Pi Key Rings & Keychains

There is no bit of paraphernalia that is too small or insignificant. Keychains and keyrings have always been a favorite gift for new little sisters and even the most mature alumnae. See the updated selection of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority Key Chains, key rings, and more we have available for you and your group here at Greek Gear.

Every sister in your chapter, bigs and littles alike, should have a keyring or two or three. They are small, compact, and travel with you everywhere you go. Don't be surprised if you look up 10 years from now and still have the same ADPi keychain hanging from set of your car or house keys. And they'll probably still look just as good then as they do now. For inspiration, check out the Glam Glitter Chain and the Vintage Motel Keychain, but recent additions to the collection.

Remember that keychains aren't just for your keys -- you can use them in other ways. For instance, loop them onto your school bag and briefcase handles. It's a quick way to identify your luggage when you're traveling. They also make great jewelry to add to your lanyards or the zippers on your jackets. Additional items you'll find in this section include card caddys, popsockets for your cellphone, and pouches for your phone.

When the chapter budget is a little tight but you still need plenty of party favors and gifts for recruitment season, it's good to know that you have a selection of affordable Greek para at your fingertips. Place a group order of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority Key Chains, keyrings, and more today.