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Alpha Epsilon Phi Towels & Bathrobes

When you find a reliable place to buy the stuff that you need for school, getting geared up for the semester is as easy as 1,2,3. Here you'll find Pajamas, Towels and Robes for the lovely ladies of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority.

Get extra comfy for a full five or six hours of restful sleep before your 8am class by putting on a pair of Flannel Plaid Pant Pajamas. They're nice enough to wear during your study session with friends and then straight to bed afterwards if you want. When you wake up for your morning shower, you'll be happy to have the Greek Letter Bathrobe ready and waiting.

Although the Love Bath and Beach Towel is large enough to fit you and a couple of your friends for an outdoor beach picnic, it's also just right for drying off indoors. This distinctive towel is always going to be all yours because you can have your name imprinted at the bottom. More towel styles are available under the "Shop Now" link.

As soon as you get your Alpha Epsilon Phi Pajamas, Towels and Robes, use them to get more comfortable in your new dorm room at school. If you're an AEPhi sorority member, Greek Gear is here to serve your para-related needs every semester!