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Alpha Epsilon Phi Sale Items

You can spend under $75 in this section of Alpha Epsilon Phi Closeouts and Sale Items and have enough gear for an entire semester, maybe even a year. Take a browse through what we currently have in stock for you and your sisters.

There's no such thing as having too much Greek paraphernalia -- especially when you're a freshman or sophomore in college who has just become a member. Wear and use it proudly every day. Thanks to the selection of discounted items listed here, that's totally possible, and at a great value. You can order Crewneck sweatshirts for around $20, t-shirts for $10 and everyday school supplies like pens and notepads for under $5 (see the "Stationery" section for more choices).

Parents and friends who come here to shop for AEPhi members will like our sorority Discount Grab Bags. They're already pre-packed with many of the most popular items that sorority women request, which may include water bottles, jewelry and writing journals. Another idea is to buy a Satin Stitch Tote Bag for around $20 and fill it up with sorority goodies, like shirts and flip flops.

Come back to Greek Gear every chance you get to order more products from our listing of Alpha Epsilon Phi Closeouts and Sale Items. Stay tuned for catalog updates.