Alpha Gamma Delta Umbrellas & Outdoor Items

Whether your weekend plans are to take the dog to the park or to grill a hundred hot dogs with your friends, there's something that will come in handy for your plans in our catalog of Alpha Gamma Delta Recreational and Seasonal Items.

As you've probably already figured out, there is no limit to the amount of fun you can have when you're a sorority member in college. The items in this section will give you even more ideas. They are useful for both outdoor and indoor fun with your friends and chapter sisters.

If your plan for Saturday involves heading to the beach, you'll need some sun protection. Pick up a wide brimmed Lettered Umbrella that's designed with your red and green sorority colors so that you can attach it to your beach chair. A pair of Alpha Gamma Delta Sunglasses will also help make your beach trip more comfortable. If you prefer a day in with your friends and sisters, pull out a sorority Poker Set and have a game night.

Invest in Alpha Gamma Delta Recreational and Seasonal Items and keep them stored in your dorm room or den closet for your next big adventure. We also carry cool sorority clothing that you can wear when out recreating with your group.