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Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Umbrellas & Outdoor Items

So much to do while you're at college and so little time! Make every second count and splurge a bit on alpha Kappa Delta Phi Recreational and Seasonal Items from Greek Gear.

Being a sorority member has a ton of privileges. You get to host important sorority affairs, wear Greek lettered paraphernalia and hang out with your sisters throughout the week. We sell para that you can wear, but one of the most popular categories is our recreational gear -- the stuff you take with you to fun outings with your friends.

The aKDPhi Recreational Chair is an item that you would want to keep in the trunk of your car, because it is useful everywhere. It's a fold away chair that's perfect for the beach, barbecues and park picnics. If any of your planned activities involve cooking food, be sure to bring a sorority apron with your name imprinted across the front to the festivities.

Share every exciting sorority moment this semester with your sisters and alpha Kappa Delta Phi Recreational and Seasonal Items. The catalog is updated regularly, so you may find even more options the next time you visit. Take advantage of high quality products and low cost shipping when you shop at .