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Alpha Kappa Lambda Bags, Briefcases & Totes

Are you ready for the new school year ahead? It's official when you buy your school bag. Choose a new one from this selection of Alpha Kappa Lambda Bags, Briefcases and Totes.
When you make the investment in a Briefcase Attaché, you're getting a bag that is likely to become a permanent part of your routine -- even after college is over. The bag is designed so that you can either handle it by its handles, or strap it across your torso. It can hold your laptop, folders, journals and a couple of books. It's also a nice travel bag, with pockets in the front for your passport and handheld language dictionary if you're going overseas.
If you're a traveling college man, you'll love owning the Metro Duffel Bag. It's ideal for student athletes who need to travel by bus to other schools in the area. It's a two-toned bag with plenty of compartments to holding your clothes, books and personal items. There are two side pockets and one in the front for the items you have to access quickly.
School days are ahead and so are plenty of textbooks, papers, folders and notebooks. Order Alpha Kappa Lambda Bags, Briefcases and Totes to ensure you'll always have a convenient way to transport your things.