Alpha Kappa Lambda Sale Items

You don't have to pay top dollar to have top rate Alpha Kappa Lambda paraphernalia. Just shop our Sale Items section for great low priced Greek goods.
If you have $20 or even $10 there's a good chance you can buy yourself some Greek Gear today, right now. You can purchase the basic white Lettered Tee for around $10 and choose the imprint color (gold and purple are choices). If you want to spend a few more dollars, get the Flag Long Sleeve T-Shirt or the State Flag T-Shirt. They are unique shirts designed with images and symbols that are important to your organization and its members.
Every new member should have a fraternity sweatshirt in his closet. There will be occasions when the entire chapter needs to go out to the yard as a team with eye-catching Greek Gear -- the Custom Twill Crewneck Sweatshirt is a good choice for times like that. And it's available for around 30 bucks (better pricing for bulk orders) when you buy it in white.
Give your budget a break by ordering from our selection of Alpha Kappa Lambda Sale Items. Check the Greek Gear email list often for even more specials, deals and closeouts.