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Alpha Phi Alpha Christmas Ornaments & Gifts

Being that your founding date and the holidays come all in the same season, it's natural to want to go all out with decorating your home and gift giving to fellow chapter members. These Alpha Phi Alpha Holiday Gifts and Christmas Ornaments are a good place to start. Some of your happiest holiday memories will likely be made while you're away at college. Get into the mood of the season by putting some effort into adding special Christmas decorations to your house or apartment at school. Black and gold are a great pair of colors to work with for this fun task. Recruit some of your fellow chapter brothers to help out. You'll love the gorgeous golden Glass Christmas Ornament, designed just for the distinguished men of Alpha. It looks like something that you might present to someone as a gift. Buy them in quantity and the price per ornament goes down. If you want an ornament that's a creation from your imagination, click the Design Your Own Glass Ornament link so that you can customize one. Upload graphics and text from your web browser. Go all out this winter with Alpha Phi Alpha Holiday Gifts and Christmas Ornaments placed throughout your chapter house. We also have some very thoughtful gift suggestions for you to look at -- see the main menu.