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Alpha Phi Omega Stickers & Decals

Alpha Phi Omega Stickers & Decals

What you'll soon learn after shopping Greek Gear regularly is that we have some pretty affordable gifts. One section you'll definitely want to check out if you're shopping for cheap fraternity gifts is our selection of Alpha Phi Omega Stickers and Decals.

One affordable way to create folders for your newest group of recruits is to buy a box of folders from a local supply shop (royal blue, gold, white or black) and add an Oval Crest Sticker to the front. It's designed for the bumper of a car, but is sized perfectly for a 9 x 12 folder. At around $3 per sticker it's a great deal compared to buying custom-made folders from a printer.

Spice up your dorm room with a few colorful stickers. For example, a Crest Window Decal Stickers would look nice on the window in your dorm room or the corner of the mirror you look at every day. The Color Oval Decal is an attractive addition to a dresser drawer. And for a patriotic look, put a Giant 4" American Flag Greek Letter Sticker on the wall near your dorm room bed.

Choose from the many Alpha Phi Omega Stickers and Decals that we presently have listed at Greek Gear -- you'll find even more options under the "See All Stickers" panel.