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Alpha Phi Drinkware & Glassware

Alpha Phi Drinkware & Glassware

Whether your favorite beverage is hot or cold, you'll find your next favorite cup in this Alpha Phi Drinkware and Glassware section. The assortment of cups, thermoses, tumblers and mugs gets more and more extensive with time.

Take the Stainless Steel Shimmer Water Bottle along with you to your afternoon jogs through the park. Even after an hour or two your cold beverage will still be nice and icy. It's so cute with its shimmery letters and golden cap that you might want to take a picture of it for your Instagram account as soon as you get it in the mail. The same is true for the Glitter Tumbler, which is ideal for staying hydrated at your dorm room.

Put a "Keep Calm and Carry On" Coffee Mug on display on your desk as a daily reminder to stay balanced and peaceful as you embark on your sorority and college journey. It will be okay, you will pass your exams and graduate in May. If you buy an Old Style Glass or Glass Engraved Mug, you can add your own short motivational message, like "Supporting One Another."

Keep Alpha Phi Drinkware and Glassware all around your dorm room -- a glass on your dresser, a tumbler cup next to your bed and a thermos on top of your mini fridge. This will likely lead to less trips to the kitchen in your chapter house.