Alpha Sigma Alpha Stationery, Pens & Pencils

Even Alpha Sigma Alpha Stationery, Pens and Pencils are exciting gifts for new members to receive. They are gifts priced under $5 for ASA sorority members that make a lot of good, practical sense.

Tuck the Alpha Sigma Alpha Square Note Pad into the front slot of your school bag. It's handy for jotting down mini notes during your day. To lady bugs flank the sorority name at the bottom of each sheet. You might even feel compelled to take it back to grade school and pass notes in class. The Mascot Notepad looks like candy cane, with its cute pink and white stripes. An image of the ASA star/diamond is stamped in the lower corner.

The Chevron Long Notepad is something that you would keep on the side of your desk because it's so long. You can write the entire list of things you'll need for your next party on one sheet. If you need a way to leave reminders for your sorority sisters, give them ASA heart shaped notes from the Mascot Sticky Notepad.

Use Alpha Sigma Alpha Stationery, Pens and Pencils to write down your private thoughts, personal notes and public reminders. See more sorority stationery by clicking the "Shop Now" link at the end of this page.