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Alpha Sigma Phi Bags, Briefcases & Totes

All day long you tote around the burdens of classes, homework, requests from your professors and frat responsibilities. While you're carrying all of that weight, make sure you have a handy Alpha Sigma Phi Bag Briefcase or Tote from Greek Gear handy for your tangible items.

You have a nice choice of bags that vary depending on your lifestyle in this section of our site. For school, grab a backpack with your Alpha Sig logo stitched to the front in your favorite color (we have red, black and other color combos). For those days when you just want to quickly stuff a bag with a few books and your cellphone, get the Cinch Sack. You can have it personalized with your name to make sure it's clear who this bag belongs to.

The day will come in college when you'll need a more professional bag, like the Emblem Briefcase. It's casual enough to wear to class, but also fine to bring into an interview. The Crest Briefcase Attache has numerous pockets and compartments to hold your folders, passport, phones, keys and other important items.

Carry around all of life's important items in your Alpha Sigma Phi Bag Briefcase or Tote from . Click the "Fraternity Bags" link for even more choices, including golf bags, computer cases and more!