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Alpha Xi Delta Alumna, Graduation Stoles & Gifts

Just because you leave school doesn't mean you stop wanting Alpha Xi Delta para. Order your soon to be grads Alumna and Graduation Gifts from Greek Gear today.

Before you separate before the graduation ceremony place her Graduation Sash Stole over her arms and take a photo. It's a traditional way for sorority and fraternity members to tell the crowd that they're a member of the Greek community. For Alpha Xi Delta ladies, choose a blue stole with gold letters or vice versa. There's also a Design Your Own Graduation Sash link that allows you to upload a graphic, like the sorority crest or an image of a quill pen.

At the post ceremony gathering, be the first to give your A-Xi-D alumna an Alumna Tee-Shirt to make things official. Get her three tees for variety -- one white with blue letters, one gold with blue letters and one light blue with dark blue letters. She'll give you three cheers for buying her a gift that she'll wear for many years after graduation day.

Alpha Xi Delta members and their family members trust Greek Gear to consistently provide a selection of high quality Alumna and Graduation Gifts. There are plenty of options to choose from, and keep in mind that we can rush your order if needed.