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Alpha Xi Delta Drinkware & Glassware

Enjoy every sip of soda, juice or water that you have while laying back in your dorm room in Alpha Xi Delta Drinkware and Glassware. This section is continually updated with more cool cup designs and styles.

One day you will get tired of going to the store to buy plastic red cups. On that day you'll invest in a set of blue Giant Plastic Cups from Greek Gear. The front of each cup is adorned with a heart shaped design containing messages of sorority love. On the back it says "Sisters Forever." Another cup that's easy to use and clean is the Mascot Tumbler. It includes an image of the A Xi D pink rose.

It is a good idea to have at least one glass in your dorm room. On some days, a cold iced tea or lemonade must be enjoyed in a glass instead of a plastic cup. For those days, get a personalizable Mixing Glass with the sorority crest and letters on the front. Another option is the 13 oz Glass Stein Mug, which is embossed with a laurel wreath emblem featuring the A Xi D crest at the center.

Pick a few products from our Alpha Xi Delta Drinkware and Glassware collection and personalize it with your name or a witty message (where applicable). We also have drinkware that you can port around to workouts and classes.